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Lifestyle Research Center proudly presents Theodore Schatzki, Professor of Geography, and of Philosophy and Sociology at University of Kentucky, USA, a leading thinker and theorist of the social and practices. His most recent book Social change in a material world extends his research on Practice Theory and offers a new, practice theoretical account of social change and its explanation.

What keeps social change going?

In his talk Schatzkiexplores what drives social change along. Constructing practice theoretical versions of the familiar ideas that change is kept going by processes, relations, or mechanisms on the micro, meso, or macro levels, the author offers an alternative that locates what keeps social change going on none of these.This alternative attributes social changes to nexuses of activity chains and material occurrences. The talk uses this idea to construct general arguments against the plausibility of attributing social changes to anything on the meso and macro levels.

Time & place of the seminar:

Tuesday, September 10th 2019, 12:00 – 13:00 / Amphi 5

emlyon business school campus, 23 avenue Guy de Collongue, 69134 Ecully

Kindly register via email: scheurenbrand@em-lyon.com