World’s premier venue for consumer research, ACR conference, will kick off virtually in Paris 1-4 October, 2020.

One of the most vivid, visually rich and exciting conference tracks is the Film Festival, co-chaired by Ekant Veer and Joonas Rokka.

This year’s ACR Film Festival features 13 excellent films from around the world and this posting details the lineup.

Since the conference happens online, this year’s films can be watched at any time via the ACR platform. In addition, two live discussion session to meet the filmmakers will take place:

  • Friday 2nd October: 5.30-7.00 PM Paris CET (11.30-13 AM EDT) / focus on films 1-6
  • Friday 2nd October: 8-9.30 PM Paris CET (2-3.30 PM EDT) / focus on films 7-13



  1. Come Come ! / Thomas Stenger, Olivier Coussi
  2. Dignity as a Gift: an Immersion in the Gastronomic Experience at Refettorio Paris / Ophelie Mugel
  3. Outside In / Baptiste Cléret, Cerise Thorel, Boris Collet
  4. Lost in an Emodity: Self-Reflexive Ethnographer Portraits / Joonas Rokka, Maira Lopes, Vincent Dewaguet, Anissa Pomiès, Lydia Ottlewski
  5. The Disruptive ‘Other’? Exploring Human-Animal Relations in Tourism / Minni Haanpää, Tarja Salmela, José-Carlos García-Rosell, Mikko Äijälä
  6. Stanislavskij’s Reflexive Videography to Explore The Representational World of the Researcher / Michele Corengia
  7. Airbnb Butterfly Effect: How Consumption Transformations Reverberate on Social and Cityscapes / Marlon Dalmoro, Diego Costa Pinto, Celso Zanini
  8. Coworkers Lifestyle – Tribalism in Space / Máté Bencze
  9. Sustainup / Iris Mohr
  10. Too Big to Care: Uncovering the Ugly Truth of Brand Relationships in the Video Game Industry / Jacob Hiler, Elana Harnish
  11. Pac-Man & the Pac Mentality: Nostalgia & Socializing Factors in Gaming Choice / Avery Kerns, Jacob Hiler
  12. Impact of Religious Differences on Marketplace Configurations / Ameya Mittal, Akshaya Vijayalakshimi, Nitisha Tomar, Ankur Kapoor
  13. Winter Texans’ Motivations to Temporarily Relocate: Exploring Costs of Living / Ross Murray, Suwakitti Amornpan, Michael Minor

Find here select trailers from the above: