emlyon to host ICR 2019 (9-10 May)

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We’re thrilled to announce that Lifestyle Research Centre at emlyon business school will be co-organizing the 10th workshop in Interpretive Consumer Research (ICR) in Lyon on May 9- 10, 2019. The biennial EIASM Interpretive Consumer Research Workshop is a leading consumer research conference in Europe and will be held in France for the second time. The [...]

“Screening Marketing” videography special issue is out

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Lifestyle Research Center has been involved in a ground-breaking initiative to re-consider and envision novel video-based research approaches in a videography special issue published by the Journal of Marketing Marketing. The special issue "Screening Marketing: Videography and the Expanding Horizons of Filmic Research" was co-edited by Joonas Rokka (emlyon business school), Joel Hietanen (Aalto University, Finland) [...]

Does the future of research lie in weaving?

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Anissa Pomiès, emlyon business school This article was originally published in French. The original version is available on The Conversation website. Original Version . Some researchers have recently questioned the realities of doctoral life in management science research. Certain senior colleagues highlight the moroseness and apprehension of today’s doctoral [...]

Call for paper: Consumption, Markets & Culture Special issue on Taste

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A few weeks after the Taste Research Day organized by the Lifestyle Research Center, we are excited to announce that the adventure continues through another form: the academic journal Consumption, Markets & Culture will launch a special issue on Taste. Anissa Pomiès (emlyon business school, lifestyle research center), Zeynep Arsel (Concordia university, John Molson [...]

Interview by Survey Magazine: Customer Data Collection at the Point-of-Sale

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This text is adapted from interview originally published in French by Survey Magazine, find the link to original article HERE. Customer Data Collection at the Point-of-Sale: Where Are We Right Now? (Survey Magazine): What are the current tools to gather data about customers at the moment of purchase? (Margherita Pagani): Different technologies allow new ways to collect [...]

Taste Research Day: The Modern Weavers

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emlyon business school Lifestyle Research Center organized the Taste Research Day on April 25th. The goal of the event was not only to enhance our understanding of taste, but also to establish three bridges. The first bridge connected separate academic fields exploring taste, and the production and consumption of cultural products. For this reason, invited [...]

Cambridge Analytica’s ‘secret’ psychographic tool is a ghost from the past

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[This article is reposted from The Conversation (originally published 3 April 2018), under the creative commons licence.] The ongoing Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal has revealed just how vulnerable our social-media data are to exploitation. Marketers, political groups and shadowy third parties can now harvest our information, divide us into homogenous groups and send targeted [...]

New publication: How Restaurant Day became the world’s largest food carnival

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From its origins in 2011, the world’s largest food carnival, Restaurant Day, has spread to more than 70 countries. Restaurant Day is a consumer movement that aimed to provoke market change. Researchers from Emlyon business school, Lifestyle Research Centre, and Aalto University, Finland believe it was so successful because it operated in a completely different [...]

Research Day on Taste: 25 April 2018

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emlyon business school Lifestyle Research Centre organizes a Research Day dedicated to Taste on April 25, 2018 (8h45 AM – 5PM), in Lyon, at Musée Gadagne (room “Petit Théâtre”). This research day is envisioned as an inclusive event gathering International and French researchers from different fields (consumer research and sociology). Following Antoine Hennion’s call for taking amateurs [...]

Algorithms, digital platforms and power

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Our postdoctoral researcher Massimo Airoldi has recently published a short article on the website of Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, an important cultural institution based in Milan. The article, written in Italian, discusses the “dark side” of online algorithms – a hot topic in contemporary social theory, which is also at the core of Lifestyle Research Center [...]