New publication: How Restaurant Day became the world’s largest food carnival

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From its origins in 2011, the world’s largest food carnival, Restaurant Day, has spread to more than 70 countries. Restaurant Day is a consumer movement that aimed to provoke market change. Researchers from Emlyon business school, Lifestyle Research Centre, and Aalto University, Finland believe it was so successful because it operated in a completely different [...]

Research Day on Taste: 25 April 2018

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emlyon Business School Lifestyle Research Centre organizes a Research Day dedicated to Taste on April 25, 2018 (9 AM – 6PM), in Lyon. This research day is envisioned as an inclusive event gathering International and French researchers from different fields (consumer research and sociology). Following Antoine Hennion’s call for taking amateurs seriously, the research day will also [...]

Algorithms, digital platforms and power

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Our postdoctoral researcher Massimo Airoldi has recently published a short article on the website of Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, an important cultural institution based in Milan. The article, written in Italian, discusses the “dark side” of online algorithms – a hot topic in contemporary social theory, which is also at the core of Lifestyle Research Center [...]

Selfies and Brands

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Brand selfies featuring champagne in Instagram (image by artist Maria Federley) While self-portraiture is nearly as old as art itself, the photographic selfie emerged as a globally recognized phenomenon only recently, as a result of the rising “attention economy” and its growing appetite for likes, followers, retweets and fame. Google estimates that some 24 [...]


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emlyon business school invites applications for a position of Assistant, Associate or Full Professor in Digital Marketing (quantitative analysis, business analytics) beginning in September 2018. Candidates should have the following requirements: • have a PhD in Marketing (CRM, Big Data and Analytics, e-Commerce, …), or a related area. A qualification in Information Science is an [...]

Call for Papers: JMM Videography Special Issue

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We’re super happy to tell that me, Joel Hietanen and Doug Brownlie are going to be Guest Editors for an exciting upcoming Videography Special Issue in Journal of Marketing Management titled “Screening Marketing: Videography and the Expanding Horizons of Filmic Research“. It’s a fantastic opportunity for all research filmmakers to embrace video in a variety of ways. [...]

Champagne : les quatre « mythes » fondateurs d’une icône mondiale

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Qu’est-ce qui a fait d’un simple vin, cultivé dans une région viticole plutôt médiocre, l’une des icônes les plus célèbres et les plus féériques d’aujourd’hui ? Comment le champagne a-t-il, contre toute attente, atteint un tel prestige pour devenir le symbole festif par excellence dans le monde entier ? Aucune fête, anniversaire, mariage, contrat d’affaires, [...]

L’uberisation, une disruption technologique ?

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« Tout le monde craint de se faire ubériser ». Cette déclaration de Maurice Levy au Financial Times en décembre 2014 a popularisé le terme uberisation. Depuis, ce terme est utilisé pour désigner des phénomènes variés mais qui tous ont un lien avec les bouleversements apportés par le digital dans des marchés institutionnalisés. En d’autres termes, l’uberisation [...]