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In 2018, the lifestyle research center organized a seminar on taste. Following this event, Consumption, Markets & Culture published a special issue on taste edited by Anissa Pomiès (emlyon business schjool), Zeynep Arsel (Concordia University), and Jonathan Bean (University of Arizona).

We  are  thrilled  to  announce  that  Taste  Research  Day II, second edition  of  the successful prior event, is scheduled on
May 27, 2021 (2:00 PM – 6:00 PM CET / Paris Time). The goal of this seminar is to understand taste through different perspectives. To do so, we organize a polyphonic discussion gathering academics from different fields, and professionals of taste. We also aim to create an inclusive and horizontal event that gives room to junior and experienced scholars.

Because the sanitary situation is still uncertain, we set up a 100% online event. Despite this format, the spirit of Taste Research Day remains the same. Concretely, there will be three panels of two persons each:



“Coffee” team


Zeynep Arsel                                                                Noa Berger
Associate Professor                                                    PhD Candidate
Concordia University, Canada                                  EHESS, France

 “Food” team


Sidonie Naulin                                                            Diego Rinallo
Associate Professor                                                   Associate Professor
IEP Grenoble                                                               Kedge, France

 “Visual Arts” team


Finola Kerrigan                                                            Lucile Travert 
Professor                                                                      Artist, France
University of the Arts London, UK

                                        Please register to the event: LINK TO THE REGISTRATION


                      We are thrilled to announce that the program of Taste Research Day 2 is ready !



Introductive words – Anissa Pomiès (14:00 – 14:10)

Panel 1 : FOOD

Diego Rinallo (14:10 – 14:30) – The Taste of Landscape

Sidonie Naulin (14:30 – 14:50) – Changing Tastes in Haute Cuisine

Discussion with the audience (14:50 – 15:10)

            Break (15:10 – 15:20)



Panel 2 : COFFEE

Noa Berger (15:20 – 15:40) – The Taste of Authenticity : Specialty Coffee in Brazil and France

Zeynep Arsel (15:40 – 16:00) – Coffee and Market Complexity

Discussion with the audience (16:00 – 16:20)

            Break (16:20 – 16:30)




Finola Kerrigan (16:30 – 16:50) – Shaping Taste for Visual Art

Lucile Travert (16:50 – 17:10) – Interpicturality – The Necessity to Admire

Discussion with the audience (17:10 – 17:30)

            General discussion with all the panelists and the audience (17:30 – 17:50)

Conclusive words – Joonas Rokka (17:50 – 18:00)


If you want to receive the zoom link to access the event, do not forget to register.


 We hope to see many of you !