Michel Desbordes
Université Paris-Saclay
Sport University of Sport (Shanghai, China)
University of Ottawa (Canada).
emlyon business school

Books: International Sport Marketing and The Global Sport Economy

Articles :
2017 The_role_of_interorganizational_citizenship_behaviors
Developmental processes and motivations for linkages in cross-sectoral sport clusters
Sponsors CSR strategies in sport A sensemaking approach of corporations
The social impact of participative sporting events

Sport marketing, what is over the horizon

The goal of this presentation is to provide some information about research in sport management and sport marketing particularly. I will first introduce the roots of sport marketing and how it developed first in the US with the help of sport economics. New issues occurred in the 80’s, with the increase of the financial commitment of the organizations in sport. Sponsorship, digital marketing, experiential marketing, the internationalization of the brands, ambush marketing, the role of the stadiums/arenas and consumer behavior are some theoretical concepts that need a more important focus in the following years. Finally, some potential collaborations will be discussed at the end of the seminar in an open discussion.

Time & place of the seminar:

Thursday, September 19th 2019, 14:00 – 16:00 / Room 376

emlyon business school campus, 23 avenue Guy de Collongue, 69134 Ecully

Kindly register via email: pardo@em-lyon.com