Anissa Pomiès, emlyon business school

This article was originally published in French. The original version is available on The Conversation website.

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Some researchers have recently questioned the realities of doctoral life in management science research. Certain senior colleagues highlight the moroseness and apprehension of today’s doctoral students, while the same doctoral students, on the other hand, affirm their curiosity and collective spirit. This article in no way purports to come down in favour of one of these two visions. It merely aims to extend this reflection beyond the doctoral case, and to ask a broader question: How should we consider the future of research in a context where the star rating system is becoming increasingly dominant? Are we doomed to cynicism? How can we sustain the curiosity, the interest in fieldwork and the group spirit buoying along a section of the young generation of researchers? This article proposes an avenue for both theoretical reflection and practical application. It suggests that we view researchers as weavers.

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