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emlyon Business School Lifestyle Research Centre organises a research day dedicated to “Digital Lifestyles” at Ecully Campus on 4 December 2017, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm (Roland Calori amphi, Building B). Our program includes a range of international specialists on the impact of digitalization on lifestyles, and research methods, including critical, ethnographic, visual, and big data approaches.

The final program is the following:

Monday 4th December
9:00     Opening Reception and Coffee (Roland Calori, Building B, emlyon Business School, 23 Avenue Guy Collongue, Ecully)

9:15     Alessandro Gandini, Kings College, UK – “Digital Publics and Platform Labor”

9:55    Alberto Cossu*, University of Milan, Italy – “Brands and Productive Publics in Instagram”

(10:30 Coffee Break)

10:45   Minna Ruckenstein, University of Helsinki, Finland – “Self-Tracking”

11:20   Lynn Cherny, Bernard Forgues & Tristan May, emlyon business school – “Social Media Lifestyle Brand Creation”

(11:55 Lunch Break)

13:30   Joonas Rokka, emlyon business school“Busyness Addiction”

14:05   Lionel Sitz, emlyon business school“Youth & Smartphones”

(14:40 Coffee Break)

14:55   Massimo Airoldi, emlyon business school“Follow the Algorithm”

15:30   Margherita Pagani, emlyon business school – “Smartcart: Future of Shopping

(16:05 Finish)

*Our original speaker Adam Arvidsson (University of Milan, Italy) had to unfortunately make a last minute change in his plans, and we thus invited Alberto Cossu, Professor of Big Data and Digital Methods at the same institution and collaborator of the Italian Centre for Digital Ethnography to present an empirical study of consumer publics and brands on Instagram.

NOTICE: The program is followed by a Workshop on Digital Research Methods on 5 December 2017. The workshop is focused on state-of-the-art methods for analyzing textual and visual data.

For external participants, there is a participation fee of EUR 50,00 for the Digital Lifestyle Research Day (4 Dec) and EUR 300,00 for the Workshop (5 Dec).


    • Contact : Joonas Rokka, professor at emlyon business school
    • Email : rokka@em-lyon.com