Mark your calendars for an exciting Sustainability Research Day organized by emlyon Lifestyle Research Center:

October 26, 2018 (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM), Musée Gadagne (Petit Théâtre), Lyon 5°. 

The objective of this research day is to bring together scholars from different disciplines and engage in a critical discussion about sustainability bringing together different stakeholder perspectives from consumers and organizations to policy makers. With the presentations from critical scholars, and questions from our audience, we aim to start an exciting discussion through challenging our own assumptions and research questions concerning sustainability, and raising new and critical questions for future research on sustainability.

On this day, we welcome critical scholars from the UK, such as Pierre Mcdonagh, Andreas Chatzidakis, Ian Cook, and Deirdre Shaw, who will share with us organization and consumer perspectives on sustainability and ethical consumption. Scholars from different disciplines, such as Laure Saulais, Sophie Dubuisson Quellier, Benjamin Huybrechts, and Vivien Blanchet will bring to the spotlight the issues of fair trade, organization and policy maker connection, sustainable food issues, and questions to be raised by policy makers and businesses based on the local/global meanings and practices of sustainability. Other scholars such as Klara Scheurenbrand and Dominique Kreziak, will bring forth the questions of sustainability and mobility, and the residual value of replaced products in the marketplace.



▪9:00  Opening Reception (Musée Gadagne)

▪9:15  Pierre McDonagh, University of Bath, UK:
“Corporate social responsibility, positivity and the logic of sustainability”

▪9:40  Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier, CNRS:
“Reverse capture. How public deciders can discipline private interests”

▪10:05  Meltem Ture, SKEMA Business School:
“Local-global meanings and practices around sustainability: Questions from policy makers and disruptions to business models”

▪10:30  Q&A (15 minutes)

▪10:45  Coffee Break

▪11:05  Vivien Blanchet, emlyon business school:
“Romanticizing the fair trade mythology”

▪11:30  Benjamin Huybrechts, emlyon business school:
“Holding on to our roots: Casuistic stretching and ethical category growth in the fair trade sector”

▪11:55  Laure Saulais, L’Institut Paul Bocuse:
“Towards sustainable food choice environments – challenges and opportunities in the foodservice sector.”

▪12:20  Q&A (15 minutes)

▪12:35  Lunch Break

▪14:00  Deirdre Shaw, University of Glasgow, UK:
“Making Space for Sustainable Clothing”

▪14:25  Andreas Chatzidakis, Royal Holloway, UK:
“Psychoanalytic Perspectives to Sustainable Consumption”

▪14:50  Ian Cook, University of Exeter, UK:
“Follow the things: who makes the things we buy, where, how and under what conditions?”

▪15:15  Q&A (15 minutes)

▪15:30  Coffee Break

▪15:50  Klara Scheuerbrand, emlyon business school:
“The (im-)possibilities of cycling: mobile Ethnography and practice-bases research on marginalised sustainable practices”

▪16:15  Dominique Kreziak, Université de Savoie:
“The perceived residual value of replaced products: definition, measurement and impacts”

▪16:40  Q&A (15 minutes)

▪17:00  Finish


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