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Vincent Dewaguet

Vincent is a research assistant for a 6-months period. He is still candidate for a MSc in International Hospitality Management delivered conjointly by Paul Bocuse Institute and Emlyon Business School. He previously earned a Bachelor Degree in political sciences and sociology dispensed by the European School of Political and Social Sciences (ESPOL) at Lille Catholic University.

His research stream mainly includes consumer culture and service experience, service design, service relationships, that is understand consumption patterns within the realm of experience economy in a hospitality framework. He is also interested by lifestyle topics (notably music and food). From France to China, Vincent is taking part in the Lifestyle Research Center partnership with Club Med, conducting fieldworks on several topics such as customer networks, family practices, information management during a customer stay. His professional goal is to join a consulting firm privileging qualitative/quantitative methods and in particular ethnography to fruitfully support sustainable business models.