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Verena Gruber

I am an Associate Professor of Marketing, and my research broadly relates to consumption and sustainability. In my work I examine how individuals make sense of social and environmental aspects in their everyday lives in the way they choose products, embrace ethical lifestyles, or engage with nonprofit organizations. I also study how marketing practices help or hinder environmental transitions, such as the role of advertising in shaping consumer perceptions or the influence of environmental impact measures on product choice. I have previously worked at HEC Montreal (Canada) and WU Vienna (Austria), where I received my habilitation venia docendi in 2015 and my doctoral degree in 2012.

Selected Publications

Leonidou, C. N., Gruber, V., & Schlegelmilch, B. B. (2022). Consumers’ Environmental Sustainability Beliefs and Activism: A Cross-Cultural Examination. Journal of International Marketing, 30(4), 78-104

Verlegh, P.W.J., Bernritter S. F., Gruber V., Schartman, N., Sotgiu F. (2021). “Don’t Worry, We are Here for You”: Brands as External Source of Control During COVID-19 Pandemic”. Journal of Advertising, Early Online: June 2021

Gruber, V, Kaliauer M, Schlegelmilch B. (2017). Improving the Effectiveness and Credibility of Corporate Social-Responsibility Messaging. Journal of Advertising Research. 54(4): 397-409.

Gruber V, Holweg C, Teller C. (2016). What a Waste! Exploring the Human Reality of Food Waste from the Store Manager’s Perspective. Journal of Public Policy & Marketing. 35(1): 3-25. (Lead Article)

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Gruber V, Schlegelmilch B. (2014). How Techniques of Neutralization Legitimize Norm- and Attitude- Inconsistent Consumer Behavior. Journal of Business Ethics. 121(1): 29-45.