Maíra Magalhães Lopes

I am a post-doc researcher at the Lifestyle Research Centre at emlyon business school. In late 2018, I defended my Ph.D. at Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University. My research interests encompass consumption communities and other related collective formations through consumption, affects and emotions, consumer resistance, spatial injustices, consumer culture consequences, as well as gender, queer and postcolonial issues.

Prior to enrolling in the doctoral program, I had worked with an eclectic array of areas in marketing: I have worked in communication agencies, a brand consultancy firm, an NGO and I also started my own coffee business with partners.  

Selected Publications

Broeckerhoff, A., & Lopes, M. M. (2020). Finding comfort in discomfort: How two cross-disciplinary early-career researchers are learning to embrace ‘failure’. Emotion, Space and Society35, 100671.