Joonas Rokka

I am Professor of Marketing and Director of PhD Program at emlyon business school, France.

My research is on branding, consumer experience and culture, digital media, and creative visual research methods. I’ve published in international journals including Journal of Consumer Research, Organization Science, Annals of Tourism Research, Organization, Journal of Business ResearchJournal of Marketing Management, European Journal of Marketing, and Consumption Markets & Culture, and I serve in the editorial board of Journal of Marketing Management. I was the recipient of The Sidney J. Levy Award  for my dissertation research in 2015. I serve as Associate Editor for Consumption Markets & Culture.

Selected Publications

Airoldi, M. and Rokka, J. (2022) Algorithmic consumer culture, Consumption Markets & Culture, forthcoming.

Rokka, J. (2022) Videography as a “Shock to thought”, Journal of Customer Behavior, forthcoming.

Lupu, I. and Rokka, J. (2021) ‘Feeling in Control’: Optimal Busyness and the Temporality of Organizational Controls, Organization Science, in press.

Rokka, J. (2021) Consumer Culture Theory’s Future in Marketing, Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 29 (1), 114-124.

Javornik, A., Duffy, K., Rokka, J., Scholz, J., Nobbs, K., Motala, A. and Goldenberg, A. (2021) Strategic approaches to augmented reality deployment by luxury brands, Journal of Business Research, in press.

Rokka, J. (2017) Champagne: marketplace icon, Consumption Markets & Culture, 20 (3), 275-283. 

Godey, B., Manthiou, A., Pederzoli, D., Rokka, J. et al. (2016) Luxury brands’ social media marketing efforts: influence on brand equity and consumer behavior, Journal of Business Research, 69 (12), 5833-5841.

Rokka, J. and Canniford, R. (2016) Heterotopian selfies: how social media destabilizes brands, European Journal of Marketing, 50 (9/10), 1789-1813. 

Woermann, N. and Rokka, J. (2015) Timeflow: How Consumption Practices Shape Consumers’ Experienced Temporality, Journal of Consumer Research, 41 (6), 1486-1508.