Handan Vicdan

Handan is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Emlyon Business School. Handan VICDAN earned a Ph.D. in Business Administration with concentration in Marketing from the University of Texas-Pan American in 2010, and has worked in the U.S. as an Assistant Professor of Marketing.

Her research stream includes studies of social, cultural, and technological transformations in how consumers (re)organize their lives and become producers of their experiences in actual/virtual theaters of consumption/production; specifically issues of consumer power, resistance, surveillance and big data, and transformative consumer research issues, such as sustainable lifestyles and alternative food systems. As a consumer researcher, I engage in critical research that puts consumer well-being and sustainability at the heart of marketing practices.

Selected Publications

Batat, W., Peter, P., Vicdan, H., Manna, V., Ulusoy, E., Ulusoy, E., and Hong, S. (2017) “Alternative Food Consumption (AFC): Contributions to Food Well-Being (FWB), Marketing, and Public Policy” accepted for publication in Journal of Marketing Management.

Vicdan, H. and Hong, S. (2017) “Enrollment of Space into the Network of Sustainability,” Marketing Theory special issue on “Consumption in and of Space and Place” (forthcoming).

Vicdan, H., Batat, V., and Hong, S. (2016) “Social Class Dynamics in Alternative Food Consumption,” in Commentaries (ed. Wided Batat) New Paths in Researching ‘‘Alternative’’ Consumption and Well-Being in Marketing: Alternative Food Consumption, Marketing Theory, 16(4), 8-14.

Hong, S., and Vicdan, H. (2016) “Re-imagining the Utopian: Transformation of a Sustainable Lifestyle in Ecovillages,” Journal of Business Research, 69, 120-136.

Vicdan, H. and Fırat, A.F. (2015), “Evolving Desire to Experience the Social ‘Other’: Insights from the High Society Bazaar,” Journal of Consumer Culture, 15 (2), 248-276.