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Brigitte Auriacombe

I am professor of Marketing at emlyon business school. I began my career by a 15-years professional experience as Marketing Manager in the Accor Group, a world leader in hospitality and services. I then decided to reorient my career towards teaching and research. I completed a PhD in Marketing at Université Paul Cezanne, Aix-Marseille 3, in 2010. Between 2006 and 2015, I was head of a specialized master’s program in services marketing and management and between 2015 and 2018, head of the marketing department at emlyon business school. I give tailor-made lectures and conferences on the topic of customer experience in services and the management of service quality for a variety of private and public institutions: Club Med (holidays), Crédit Agricole (banking), Mc Donald’s, Apicil (Insurance), City of Lyon, USH (social housing).

My research is on service quality, service relationships and service encounters. I am particularly interested by the interpretive frameworks through which customers and staff interactively interpret situations and make decisions. I use different qualitative methods, including ethnography, to collect data, and I practice discourse analysis, grounded on ethnomethodology, to analyze data and understand participants’ interpretive frameworks. I run a partnership with Club Med, a world specialist in all-inclusive holidays, since 2012. Using ethnographic methods, we have been collecting data on customer experience, frontline staff experience and on service encounters over a period of 5 years in a variety of context. This material is the basis of several ongoing research projects. I am recipient of the CCMP (Centrale des Cas et des Medias Pédagogiques)  Top Cas award 2017, and the AFMAT (Association Francophone de Management du Tourisme) first best case in tourism management award 2017.

Selected Publications

Auriacombe B. et Melkonian T. (2020), Former les managers à l’orientation client : le rôle clé de la prise de perspective, Décisions Marketing, forthcoming.

Auriacombe, B. et Cova, V. (2017) Tipping: what those giving and receiving a tip really think, Décisions Marketing, 86, 115-130. Forthcoming.

Autier, F., Auriacombe, B. (2016) « Club Med : le bonheur de se révéler », marque employeur et employabilité, Paris, CCMP, HO632, 48 pages.

Auriacombe, B. (2015) “The usefulness of a service guarantee: The point of view of contact staff”. Décisions Marketing, n°77, Jan-March, 31-45.

Auriacombe, B., Sitz, L., Guers, R. (2015) : « Stratégie de marque dans les services de transport ». in Besson, M., Gueret-Talon L., Abramovici, M., Le cas des services : Recueil de cas en management et marketing des services, collection Etudes de cas, Editions EMS.

Auriacombe, B., Cova, V. (2014) “Place and role of tipping in the service relationship », 13ème Journées Normandes de Recherche sur la Consommation, Rouen, 27-28 novembre.

Auriacombe, B. (2012). Marketing public : Gérer la qualité de service. M3 – Millénaire 3, 4.

Communication & Seminars

Cayla J., Auriacombe B., Rokka J., « Addicted to consumers », 10th Workshop on Interpretive Consumer Research, Lyon, France, May 9-10, 2019.

Auriacombe B., Melkonian T., « Développer une orientation « expérience client » dans les services : le point de vue des managers de front-office vs. les managers de back-office », 1ère Journée de Recherche sur le Marketing des Ressources Humaines, 21 Mars 2019, Université Paris-Nanterre.